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Concept The four-year long hiatus has made ID12 realises that the only constant in society is change, just as when the pandemic hit, it has forced us to change the way we live. Humans are adapting to new rules and “the new normal”, whether we like it or not, it has affected our lifestyle and way of life. These changes have challenged ID12 as designers to explore a new way of thinking in creating design that fits into “the new normal living”, therefore this year, The Colours of Indonesia highlights this concept and is titled CHAPTER FIVE.

Maison No12 Designers Suites Apartment Show Unit

Continuing the successes of the previous two exhibition concepts in 2014 and 2016, The Colours of Indonesiato gether with ID12 returns in 2018 to showcase creative ideas in “Maison12: Designers Suite Apartment”. As there is a vast growth of vertical living in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, ID12 would like to take this opportunity to exhibit a modern living concept to the public.

ID12 pours this concept into the division of exhibition area at Senayan City. The division is based on the four main themes, Java, Kalimantan, Sumba, and Papua. Twelve designers work together to design the marketing gallery, show units with three, two, and one bedroom with an out-of-the-box living atmosphere that is elegant, exclusive, yet comfortable to live in.

Maison 12 Designers Suite Apartment is enriched with Indonesian cultural heritage. The beauty of Indonesian culture is well displayed in each unit in a modern way. The marriage of both modern and traditional style resulted in a classy living concept with Indonesian soul.

Same as the previous The Colours of Indonesia, ID12 invites a number local manufacturer, retailers, and contractors to produce and display products with specific design. The product display is also complemented by a number of international brands in order to present an international look with end result that is up to the standard.

Hotel No12

Presented by ID12 for the second time in 2016, “The Colours of Indonesia” brings together twelve icons who explore glimpses to create an exciting future. Combining gratitude and nostalgia, we are celebrating nine years anniversary of our friendship with a newly envisioned showcase of our collective works.

Hotel No.12 is an exhibition to channel the twelve icons’ ideas for public giveback.Hotel has been deliberately chosen because a hotel consists various rooms of different functions. A hotel is not like a house with only has a few rooms with limited function.A hotel has a very wide variety of public areas and private areas that can be translated in to a considerable diversity of designs by twelve designers.

The primary inspiration is the contemporary atmosphere with a touch of Indonesia. The mixture was perfected by the many style spectrums, from modern contemporary to classicIndonesian, and old traditional technique to hi-tech method of production. Every visual implies a unique character from every designer, known with their international reputation.This concept distinguishes “The Colours of Indonesia” to any other interior design exhibitions

House No12

The Colours of Indonesia is an extensive event created by ID12, an interior designer collective based in Jakarta. This event, serving as a platform for each member of ID12 to channel their ideas for public giveback, held in Jakarta’s prominent main atrium of Senayan City Mall for a consecutive ten days, starting from August 14th to 25th, 2014.

The Colours of Indonesia is commenced as the answer to showcase their collective work. The unbroken transfer process of knowledge and inspiration will be the main objective of the event, as well as defining a new and thrilling Indonesian contemporary culture to broad public. Visitors and audiences are introduced to pleasurable visuals, philosophies, and idea show a design is conceived, presented in a journey through the designer’s envision of a perfect home: starting from tropical garden, foyer, living room, library, dining room, kitchen, cigar room, garage, bedroom, up to the bathroom.

The exhibition will maintain the visitors’ experience through these real-sized designed rooms that demonstrated through uninterrupted mix of textures, colours, and other elements for the space to speak for itself. Each designed room refers to inspirations from a range ofIndonesian beautiful hues. As the main element of this spectacular showcase, colours will be elegantly translated into certain moods: some will utilize the colours of local spices, national flowers, and much more. The mixture has perfected from the many style spectrums, from modern contemporary to classic Indonesian; Eastern to Western derivations of design; and old traditional technique to hi-tech method of production.