Japandi Foyer and Lounge
Yuni Jie

Casual Elegance is the design philosophy that Yuni Jie lives by when it comes to interior design. The graduate of Cornish College of the Arts and Pratt Institute New York lives by her motto of “Stay Inspired” and religiously practising “The Art of Casual Elegance” in all aspect of her lives, be it in the work featured in her books, her furniture, and other product design, to her personal fashion daily style. A media darling and award-winning Woman of The Year, Yuni is an energetic, lively, and passionate person who initiates a number of side-line projects, including “One Fine Sky”, “Ministry of Yummy”, and “The Way Jie Sees”, featuring her new love and paintings done by Yuni herself during the pandemic time.

“Japandi” is the main theme of her foyer and lounge design; it is adorned with all white and neutral hues. “White is a pure, cleansing, and poetic colour, so applying this shade in a modern room will echo ‘The Simplicity of White’,” she explains. Yuni enriches the space with a hint of traditional Indonesian elements by picking her new collaboration carpet collection with Kalimantan signature motif from Moire. Her subtle approach to ethnic weaving pattern is shown in an elegant arrangement. She strongly hopes this humble creation radiates a calming and peaceful effect, something we are after in this post-pandemic time. To pause, reflect, contemplate, cleanse, and moving on with bright optimism. To breathe elegance.

Contractors and Interior Suppliers

Interior Contractor

Aluminium Window Frame

Main Door and Hardware

Main Door Handle


Lighting Consultant

Furniture, Soft Furnishings, Accessories, and Decorative Lightings

Furniture, Accessories, and Wall Lamp


Floor Lamp and Hanging Lamp

Curtains and Wall Panelling

Wall Art

Powder Room

Sanitary ware

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