Opulent Foyer and Powder Room
Shirley Gouw

Talk to Shirley Gouw about her experience, and she will share you everything you want to know. Her impressive background in education and career timeline reads like the who’s who of interior design and architecture universe. Educated in Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, Inchbald School of Design, London, as well as Parsons School of Design New York, she gained a respective career with household names like Alexandra Design, Burriana, Spain, Victoria Hagan Interiors New York, Selldorf Architects New York are just to name a few. After returning from New York in 2003, Shirley established her own design firm and began working on high-end residential projects for her clients. Her time in London and New York have shaped her into a detailed, visionary, tough, and independent interior designer with timeless elegant style.

Shirley designs Foyer and Powder Room for the Classic style residence at The Colours of Indonesia Five. She emphasises on French Classic design with wood panelling details. The marriage of marble floor pattern in the foyer and bold pattern in powder room creates a charming appeal with the combination of statement Chinoiserie wallpaper and Damask motif resembling French classic design. While the elegant Baccarat crystal chandelier and lighting made add an elegant and sophisticated touch to the interior.

Contractors and Interior Suppliers

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Mechanical Electrical and Lighting


Marble Installation

Door and Frame

Main Door Handle

Wood Veneer on Wall Panelling


Lighting Consultant

Furniture, Soft Furnishings, Accessories, and Decorative Lightings

Furniture, Accessories, and Decorative Lamp



Powder Room

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