Opéra Master Bedroom
Roland Adam

Roland Adam’s experiences in retail and home accessories has led him to explore the interior design industry. He decided to become an interior designer and founded GoodLife Interior after graduated from Sahid University in Jakarta and Hendon College London. With a pocket full of experiences in different fields, Roland is undoubtedly great at many things. He is not only known as an interior designer, but also a wedding conceptor, event organizer, and a consultant in business development, visual merchandise, fashion, as well as magazine. “Designing a space is not just about the functionality and aesthetic value, it should also be able to tell a story,” he explains enthusiastically

Roland designs the Master Bedroom for a Classic style residence and plans to adopt French-style chateau. The legendary Classic style is being reinterpreted into different design features in the room and paired with Modern furnishings to display an attractive contradiction of style. An orchestrated display of French Renaissance pillars resembling colossal style column with flowy curtains serves a separator between bedroom and bathroom. “Just like stage curtains that open up to present a Modern opera performance,” he illustrates the design.

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