The Buzz Pantry
Reza Wahyudi

Reza Wahyudi, also known as Bobos, is an innovative designer who uses his imagination a lot. His first debut was a multifunctional bunk-bed inspired by double-decker bus that took part in National Home Fashion League competition in 1983, he was still in university back then. It has successfully won first prize for Florida chapter, and made it to the national’s top ten in the US. He has created many bold designs with out-of-the-box concepts since he founded BOBOS designin 1985, including residential, office, and commercial projects

He uses the same approach for his creations for The Colours of Indonesia. Each design features a surprisingly unique, fascinating, and playful elements. This year, he designs pantry area for the Modern residence.Members of a modern family do not have much spare time to meet with each other. Mornings before they go to office or school are precious, and a cosy pantry where the morning buzz takes place and facilitates interactions is of a great help. Whether to have a quick bite of croissant and a sip of coffee, or to cook egg to your liking, or perhaps to just read a book to boost the spirit of the day, even to do your virtual morning meeting with your team, this multi-functional pantry, designed with semi-outdoor feel to bring in lots of natural light, is the right place to be. After dusk, when friends come over, the pantry is there to serve you with small bite sand wine, a comfortable place to chat. Mornings, evenings, or anytime of the day, this is where we can hear the heartbeat of the house.

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