Zeitgeist Master Bedroom
Eko Priharseno

After a two-year contemplation during the pandemic, Eko Priharseno rethinks the design concept of how a home should be. It is no longer just a place to stay in day and night or during the weekends, but also a modernised dwelling where residents can do many activities at home. Eko, who graduated from Trisakti University in Product Design and has two-year working experience in Australia, is keen to design for the fifth edition of The Colours of Indonesia that features post-pandemic theme.

He designs the Master Bedroom and Bathroom for a Modern residence that he calls as “Zeitgeist”. The definition of the word zeitgeist itself is the spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time and in his design, Eko refers to the Bauhaus style from the early 20th century, often credited as the influence of modern design. “Bauhaus style becomes the main inspiration for many of my designs these days, especially after I had the chance to visit and stay at Bauhaus University in Dessau last July. This experience made a deep impression on me,” Eko passionately shares his personal thought.

The design concept of this bedroom is multifunction, utilitarian, and natural without overdoing the decoration because personally he believes that the decor is formed by design components, not depending on the decorative pieces displayed. Eko opts for back to basic and back to detail philosophy, capturing the essence and the spirit of the Bauhaus movement with a hint of vintage and early modernism elements from that particular period.

“So, how does this relate to the post-pandemic lifestyle? During the pandemic, I understand the importance of home, including the bedroom. Having enough sleep is essential to maintain good physical health. Most of the time, the bedroom is multifunctional as it can also be used as a working space, a place to pray or contemplate, a room to relax and ‘heal’. Hence, this multifunctional bedroom I designed features modular furnishings that offer several possible arrangements to meets the meets of its residents,” he explains.

Contractor and Interior Suppliers

Interior Contractor

Window and Sliding Glass Door Frame

Laminated Tinted Bronze Glass

Floor Parquet (Bedroom and Bathroom)

Floor and Wall Marble(Shower Area)

Special Finish Wall Paint

Up Ceiling (Bedroom Area)


Lighting Consultant

Furniture, Soft Furnishings, and Decorative Lighting

Bed and Book Cabinet


Study Chair

Lounge Chair

Curtain, Cushions, and Wallpaper

Bed Linen

Custom Rugs (Bedroom and Bathroom)

Floor Lamp

Outdoor Lamp

Wall Lamp (Bathroom)






Wall Mirror


Washbasin, Shower Set, and Bathtub

Vanity Stone