Indochine Pantry and Terrace
Agam Riadi

Agam Riadi’s fondness of traditional batik clothes and antiques has shaped his design characters and style. Agam graduated with a degree in Interior Design from Trisakti University prior to the founding of his own design firm, Dimensi Living (Agam Riadi Interior), in 1995. The best of his commercial projects was compiled in a book titled “Agam Riadi: Treasuring the Past, Embracing the Future” that was launched in 2017 to celebrate 25th anniversary of his career.

For this year’s The Colours of Indonesia Chapter Five, Agam creates kitchen design and terrace for a Classic residence. The design is enriched with Oriental elements presented in a contemporary look and features bold colours. It is adorned with majestic decorative pieces, such as antique doors, floor to ceiling open-shelf cabinet, Chinoiserie wallpaper, and iconic Mingx Dynasty bar stools. With these royal aesthetic traits, cooking has never been this joyous.

Contractors and Interior Suppliers

Interior Contractor


Parquet Floor (Interior and Exterior)

Kitchen Contractor

Window and Sliding Glass Door Frame

Wallpaper and Curtains


Lighting Consultant

Kitchen Appliances, Furniture, and Decorative Lighting

Coffee Machine, Oven, Fridge Freezer

Kitchen Sink and Faucet

Sofa Lounge and Rattan Chair

Coffee Table and Armchair

Chandelier, Wall Lamp, and Decorative Lamp



Flowers and Greeneries